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Montgomery Investigations
is a Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in environmental health and safety training and consultative services.  In addition, as a California licensed private investigation firm, we are able to provide workplace (industrial) accident investigation, per-employment background checks, e-verify and workers' compensation abuse and fraud investigative services.

Montgomery Investigations was formed to provide service to a needed niche.  Over the past several decades, environmental and safety regulations have become an integral, and often overwhelming requirement for business.  Today, leading businesses realize that environmental improvements through systems like auditing, planning, and employee training leads to reduced risks and higher profits.

"Business can effectively comply with regulations and profit from it."

Our Experience Shows!

Montgomery Investigations operates in a wide variety of roles across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  We are widely acknowledged for our understanding and awareness of the unique characteristics and challenges facing public service organizations.

In times of constant change it is imperative that we maintains an up to date, relevant and respected professional qualification that implants the knowledge and fashions the skills which modern organizations require. In order to do that most effectively, we have excellent awareness and understanding of the changing needs of today's world and to identify very clearly the highly relevant expertise which our staff bring to their roles.

This Statement of Expertise has been developed to address these issues. It describes many of the professional skills required to enable organizations to operate effectively and successfully in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment and it outlines the areas of expertise which sets out MI as key and highly influential players.

Finally, our professional qualification provides a comprehensive foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills that add up to a highly valuable resource for organizations. But to maximize impact and success over the long term they must be kept up to date. The commitment of our staff to Continuing Professional Development is also absolutely critical.

Our Statement of Expertise is under constant review to ensure that it remains current and continues to reflect our role in the work place.  Its first review has now been completed, and we continue to welcome all your thoughts and comments on our Statement.  Please send your questions and comments to:


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