What are Cal/OSHA Enforcement Branch's responsibilities?

Post date: Oct 24, 2017 7:17:08 PM

  • Complaint and accident investigations. Cal/OSHA investigates:

    • Complaints of workplace hazards filed by employees, employee representatives, and others.

    • Reports of serious violations received from law enforcement.

    • Reports of accidents resulting in serious injury or illness or death.

  • Targeted and programmed inspections. Cal/OSHA conducts targeted inspections of employers in high hazard industries (i.e., with high rates of preventable injuries and illnesses and workers' compensation losses). Cal/OSHA conducts programmed inspections in mining and tunneling, petroleum refining, and the underground economy.

  • Citations, special orders, and orders to take special action. Cal/OSHA issues citations, special orders, and orders to take special action after investigation of hazards in a workplace.

  • Orders prohibiting use. Cal/OSHA issues orders prohibiting use where there is an imminent hazard.

  • Permits, certifications, licenses, approvals, and classifications. Cal/OSHA issues project permits and annual permits to employers for major activities in construction and permits allowing use of diesel engines in mining and tunneling. For information about the permitting process, see Title 8 regulations, section 341.1. Cal/OSHA also issues certifications, licenses, approvals, and classifications.