Our Company

Montgomery Investigations is an investigation, consulting and training firm dedicated to helping businesses in their efforts to meet the challenges of today's business environment. We understand the delicate balance between compliance and the "bottom line" and translate safety and environmental concerns into the language of business.

If you're an employer, you are aware of the myriad of OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations pertaining to environmental health and safety and hazardous material management in the workplace. We can help you interpret these regulations and then work with you to design and implement a program that complies with them in the most practical way. Our services are designed to leave you with products that may be updated easily and procedures that can be used in a "self-audit" mode.

To remain in compliance, you need to keep on top of changes as they occur, understand how they affect your company and its employees, and have the knowledge and tools you need for cost-effective implementation. To meet this challenge, we design our services to:

    • Identify key environmental health and safety regulations that affect your business.

    • Determine handling, disposal, training, and reporting compliance issues.

    • Review and/or develop required environmental, safety, and health plans.

    • Identify employees requiring training under the relevant standards.

    • Design, develop and deliver training programs.

    • Provide self-audit checklists and procedures to maintain compliance.

Safety training is the cornerstone of our company. If you have a group of people who could all benefit from the same training, we can bring the training to your location. We work closely with you to ensure our understanding of your training needs, the audience and expectations and tailor the training to your company's situation. Our training is exceptional because of the depth of experience that we bring, not only from having worked in the environmental health and safety fields, but also from our classroom teaching experience.